Safety Advisor

1997 to August 1998
Pipeline construction and start up gas process - Total.
South Myanmar


During road construction and start up operation (Gas Process)
60 km in jungle between sea ANDANMAN and THAILAND border

In charge of all safety aspects during the construction and start-up gas production

Road / Pipeline Center / Metering Station / Helideck and Airstrip / Wharf Provide safety information and guidance to project contractors ( SPIE CAPAG ) and local sub-contractors on proper safety procedures, current and potential hazards, and employee training requirements.

Conducting accident and incident investigations to determine the cause and take necessary action to prevent recurrence.

 Developing a Fire Protection and Prevention Procedure.
 Developing appropriate work standards and safety rules for the work site.
 Organized Safety development programs concerning
 Risk assessments / Incident/accident/near miss / Work permit / Standing instructions
 Emergency procedures / Confined space / Compressed gas / Excavation/ Crane & hoist /etc...
 Increased health and safety performance.
 Raised environment awareness.