HSE superintendent

June 2005 to May 2006
Gas Process - Total
South of Myanmar : 60 km in jungle between sea ANDANMAN and THAILAND border.


Supervises and directs all safety activities on the Platforms to safeguard personnel and equipment. This includes developing and conducting safety training and drills and ensuring the continuous readiness and operational condition of all safety equipments and uses it whenever deemed appropriate ,Responsible for enforcing adherence to Company safety rules and regulation on the field.

Develops and implements various Company procedures related to safety, hygiene an environmental protection. This includes proposing various rules, obtaining and posting up signs, communication procedures to personnel, etc...

Promotes the reporting of incidents and anomalies. Investigate accidents and anomalies, determines causes and prepares reports with recommended actions to avoid re-occurrence.

Ensures the implementation, the training and the follow up of the ISO 14001 certification.