HSE superintendent

May 2006 to July 2010
Kharir block 10.



- Average daily production 50.000opd.
- Onshore remote fields (3 different sites), 30 production wells (either ESP or eruptives) and 10 water injectors.
- On-coming project to start a high-pressure gas injection with remote compression.
- 200 permanent position on site plus 800 contractors.
- Manage a HSE team of supervisors (expatriate) and officers (local).
- SIMOPS Operation: Flare upgrade / Fire Fighting Network upgrade / MCC Room upgrade

Context and environment:

- Multinational and multi-religion community.
- 3 sites distant by 40 km to each other.
- Remote environment in the center of Yemen, 10 to 45 oC.

A. General

- Check application of Total Yemen & Total HSE Policy (directives, rules, specifications, procedures).
- Assist RSES for all HSE related matters – provide advices on rules, procedures, reference documents, adapted equipment and best practices.
- Participate in Works preparation and check that precautions are enforced.
- Promote HSE on site through dedicated Promotion Campaign.

B. Works and operations

- Participate to Work Permit system (HSE validation, assistance to supervisors, precautions definition…)
- Leader of Job Safety Analysis.
- Leader of Cause Tree Analysis.
- Participates in the preparation of shutdowns with all other parties in order to optimise duration, sequences, resources, …
- Member of investigation team.

C. Audits and Inspections

- Ensure that supervisors and officers perform regular audits and inspection of operations and installations and update SYNERGI accordingly.
- Ensure that all safety materiel (including emergency one) is identified, registered and that Preventive Maintenance is performed as per either manufacturer instructions or specific Site instruction (frequency and procedures).
- Perform regular inspection of main contractor’s facilities.